PassGEN Password Suite

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PassGEN Password Suite allows you to not only generate passwords in groups, but also check their strength, simply!

• Generate

Generate from one to one hundred passwords of varying length:
✓ Include letters of mixed case.
✓ Include numbers.
✓ Include special characters.
✓ Phonetic transcription to help remember/describe.

• Check*

Check generated or manually entered passwords for strength:
✓ One of the only apps that allows you to generate and check strength in the same application!
✓ Adds and removes points based on good and bad password features (such as repeat characters, numbers/letters only, etc.).

• Share

Share generated passwords:
✓ Copy to clipboard.
✓ E-mail one or many passwords.
✓ If you are using an iPhone, SMS your generated password for added convenience!

Most importantly, we are completely user driven! For example, this application was only ever meant to be a simple password generator. However, if there is an indication from our users they want the ability to store passwords securely, you better believe we'll get right on it! This goes for any feature request, we want to build applications that our users want!

We'd love to hear from you, both good and bad feedback. We try our best to fully test each and every application to the fullest, but there may still be some bugs that cause problems for some users. If you find such a bug, please, get in contact with us so we may fix your problem. We can be reached at

*Please note that no official scoring algorithm exists, so this app uses its own formulae to determine complexity.

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